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ટૂંકું ને ટચ : Bird Flu: 10 Ducks found dead in East Delhi – Samples sent for Testing

ટૂંકું ને ટચ : Inshorts – Bird Flu in india

Ten ducks were found dead at Sanjay Lake in eastern Delhi on Saturday, the day after 17 crows were reported dead at the Mayur Vihar Phase III Central Park, an official said here. The pool, the official said, will be closed before further notice.

“We have found 10 dead ducks at Sanjay Lake, samples of which have been sent to the lab for testing,” Dr. Rakesh Singh of the Animal Husbandry Department told PTI. At least 50 birds, including 35 crows, have been killed in the National Capital in the last few days, contributing to the possibility of bird flu.

The collected samples would be submitted on Saturday, a release from the department said, to the National Institute of High Security Animal Disease, ICAR, Bhopal. The Centre said on Friday that in six states, Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat, bird flu has been reported to date.

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