Bobby Deol’s recent Instagram exercise video exemplifies his commitment to staying in shape. The 52-year-old posted a video of himself performing various workouts and making huge health objectives.

The Race 3 actor appeared to be murdering at the gym in the video. He can be seen performing lateral pull-downs and sitting chest presses. “Under construction!” says the sign. Bobby wrote the caption for the photo.

Take a look:

A lateral pull-down is a strength training exercise that is commonly performed on a cable pulley machine for the uninitiated. The latissimus dorsi, or lats, are the muscles that cover the middle and lower back. The exercise is performed by drawing the machine’s hanging bar down to the chin level and then releasing it for one repetition. It strengthens the upper body.

On a machine, you can also conduct a sitting chest press. This exercise targets the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles. Dumbbells can also be used for chest presses.

Bobby Deol’s dedication to fitness is truly inspirational.