After a meal, many of us go for a stroll to digest the food and burn calories. Experts say it’s not the ideal practise because it interferes with the digestive process.

Priyamvada Mangal, a yoga instructor, advises against walking shortly after a meal since it diverts energy away from the digestive process. “It is suggested that you sit in Vajrasana. Only relax, or avoid doing anything that requires a lot of energy that would otherwise be used to digest food. Even while walking, it should be done slowly, like a promenade, and not just after a meal,” she said.

On Instagram, actor Sonnalli Seygall, who routinely posts entertaining videos debunking fitness clichés, also stated that walking straight after a meal is not a good idea.

“We’ve heard for years that walking right after a meal helps you maintain a healthy weight and assists digestion. Wrong. Post-meal movement will simply slow digestion by diverting blood flow away from the digestive tract, resulting in acid reflux, stomach distress, and other issues,” she explained.

So, what should you do now?

“Instead, sit still, especially in Vajrasana or thunderbolt posture, or lie down on your left side to aid digestion. Go ahead and relax after you eat, and then go for a stroll when the meal is well digested in your stomach,” Seygall said.

Is that correct?

A person should think about the length, intensity, and timing of their post-meal stroll, according to According to the website, mild walking after a meal provides a variety of health benefits, but high-intensity exercise is not advised because the digestive process begins in the mouth as soon as a person begins eating and can last for hours. Intense, vigorous activity might cause gastric problems, according to the article.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests 30 minutes of walking per day. So, instead of going for a brisk walk soon after a meal, go for a stroll post-dinner or go for a brisk walk in the morning or evening. “Taking a walk after a meal can help you sleep better. Still, before walking after meals, visit a doctor or a fitness professional, said Dr Jinendra Jain, consultant physician, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road.