Akshay Kumar was seen originally along with Raveena Tandon in movie Mohra, which he has now after many years re-created along with Katrina Kaif for their upcoming movie Sooryavanshi. Sharing a picture from their behind-the-scenes on Instagram, they can be seen all in smiles and their face beaming with joy.

Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif recreates Tip Tip Barsa Pani for Sooryavanshi

In Sooryavanshi, the duo is set to see Katrina and Akshay together after nine years, after their last film Tees Maar Khan, and there is a lot of fan expectation regarding the rebirth of this sensuous song. Katrina and Akshay had prior paid a tribute to Tip Tip Barsa Paani in their film De Dana Dan, with the song Gale Lag Ja, in which the actress was seen wearing a yellow saree.

Akshay also shared a post on Instagram about this song for the future film, saying “It would have absolutely been disappointed if any other actor would have reconstructed #TipTipBarsaPaani, a song which has been identical with me and my career and I can’t thank Ratan Jain Ji enough. At times like these you understand, we may have come a long way but we also go back a long way.”