Anupama 11 January 2022 Written Update | અનુપમા નો આજનો એપિસોડ

પોસ્ટ કેવી લાગી?

Anupama 11 January 2022 episode begins with Anu singing a lullaby for Malvika so that she could sleep for a while after crying for the entire night. As Anu comes outside the room, Anuj asks her about Malvika to which she informs him that she is sleeping. Vanraj, on the other hand, wonders how Malvika will react to last night’s incident when she wakes up. He then asks Anu to get some sleep to which Anu begins to vent out her anger on how one could be so insensitive towards Malvika. She further says that it is annoying to see how women are advised to keep such things a secret instead of taking a stand against domestic violence. 

Anupama 11 January 2022 Written Update

Anu then tells Anuj that Malvika needs a doctor and will be able to recover slowly over time. She further tells Vanraj and Anuj that every woman gets hurt at least once in their life and asks when will things be changed for them. Vanraj then recalls his past behaviour towards Anu and tells her that things will only change if men change themselves. Anuj then adds that they all need to take a stand against domestic violence. Later on, as Anu prepares food in the kitchen, she video calls Pakhi. She then apologises to her for not being able to attend the party last night while Pakhi says she understands. As the family gathers together, Anu apologises to them as well while Kavya asks her to send Vanraj back home. Bapuji then scolds Kavya for saying wrong things at the wrong time. 

Malvika gets worried about Anuj learning about her depression 

Bapuji then asks Anu not to worry about them and take care of Malvika and Anuj while Toshu asks her to take care of her as well. Even Samar asks Anu to call her if she needs any help. On the other hand, as Vanraj reaches home, he does not see Kavya around to which he wonders where she is. She then receives a message from Kavya and learns that she has left the house for a while because of the tension between them. Vanraj then complains about kavya to Baa and Bapuji to which they say that she went after informing them. Meanwhile, Malvika wakes up and worries about how Anuj and Anu will react to her taking anti-depressants. Anu then walks inside the room and tells her to come outside as something is wrong with Anuj. She gets worried about him and they both go outside.

Anupama next episode spoiler

In the next episode, Anuj, Anu, and the Shah family cheer Malvika up by singing and dancing for her and asking her to let go of her sorrows. As they all sit together to have a picnic, Anu asks everyone to write only happy thoughts and memories in the year ahead. 

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