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Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj guards Gurumaa. Malti Devi’s foot just before she unintentionally steps on a nail. Anupama acknowledges Anuj. Gurumaa grants him the blessing of joy. Gurumaa and Nakul are enthusiastically introduced to everyone by Anupama. It is an honour, according to Hasmukh, that she came to bless Samar and Dimpy. Anuj falters. Maaya and Anupama come to his aid. Anupama is asked to go to gurumaa, but Anuj responds that he’s alright and only slipped. Samar and Dimpy are urged to accept Gurumaa’s blessings by Anupama. They receive a blessing from Gurumaa and a piece of cloth she herself embroidered. Anupamaa exclaims with excitement that Gurumaa stitched it herself. It’s a very beautiful textile, according to Kinjal; Gurumaa must have put a lot of effort into it. Gurumaa asserts that time and a gift are more valuable than money.

Anupama 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Each family member is introduced to gurumaa by Anupama. Vanraj expresses gratitude to gurumaa for attending his son’s wedding and allowing Anupama to realise the dream he had earlier in life but had denied her. Gurumaa deems it commendable that he is atoning for his error, but adds that sometimes more is required because the past is irreversible. She is further introduced to the rest of the family by Anupama. Even though Maaya is a dancer and used to watch Gurumaa’s dance videos frequently, she says she can’t believe Gurumaa is here. Leela begins babbling senselessly in an effort to annoy Gurumaa. Gurumaa dismisses her foolishness with composure and begins praising Anupama.

Anupama Today Episode

Anupama Today Episode

Anupama’s dedication to learning dance, her selflessness, her frequent assistance to her mother, how well she treats her fellow students, etc. are all praised by Gurumaa, who then declares that she will be the next head of her gurukul in America. Hearing that surprises everyone. Anupama’s aarti is performed by Guruma, who also keeps praising Anupama. She expresses regret for doing so and claims that she thought Anupama’s son’s wedding was the ideal venue for making this announcement. Nakul is envious because he believes he has served Gurumaa since he was a young child, yet Gurumaa gave Anupama his right, and he won’t stand for it. When Vanraj sees him, he wonders why the dancer is so upset.

Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama is pleased as she admires the badge Gurumaa gave her and thinks of her compliments. Badge is lost. Anuj lifts it up and tells Anupama that she deserves this honour and that Gurumaa did not do her any favours by appointing her as a successor because he knows she will carry out her duty sincerely.

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