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Anupama acknowledges Anuj. Anuj thinks back to Gurumaa Malti Devi’s response and asks Anupama why Gurumaa asked whether he is really that Anuj when she first saw him. Anupama claims that she is also confused, either as a result of their connection or recent media reports about them. Anuj says it’s alright. According to Anupama, Gurumaa is this way. Rose looks good on her, according to Anuj. She timidly thanks you. Anuj said she expressed a desire to develop and go forward, and he agrees that he would greatly miss her if she did. Anupama departs from the area. When Anuj approaches, Ankush adds, “It’s time to surprise everyone.”

Hasmukh and his pals go. On the day of his grandson’s wedding, Hasmukh shouldn’t have departed, Leela asks Vanraj if he did. Vanraj said he had to hurry because his friend was having a heart attack. Everyone congregates in the hall as they await Anuj’s surprise. When Leela observes Anupama conversing with Gurumaa, she becomes envious and remarks that Gurumaa is acting as if Anupama is her maid and Guruma is the queen of England. Dolly inquires as to her issue, just as she would have with her boss. Leela remarks that she even saw Vanraj taking care of Kavya and claims that he had been behind Anupama before now. Dolly claims that since Vanraj and Kavya are finally getting together and seem happy, Leela should also be pleased to see Toshu, Kinjal, Samar, and Anupama happy.

Anupama Today Episode

Anupama Today Episode

Nakul questions gurumaa when he is with her since childhood and understands her well, why did she make Anupama as her successor whom she knows just since a month. Gurumaa says Nakul is her son; a successor needs to have qualities of handling tough situations with calm mind and keep everyone together, etc., and Anupama has those qualities. Anupama walks to gurumaa and asks if she shall bring juice for her. Nakul feels more jealous. Vanraj notices that. Anuj with Ankush on stage announces arrival of a special guest whom all generations like and who can infuse romance in even unromantic person like Ankush, who has made a record of singing 28 songs in a day, etc. Anupama says Kumur Sanu. Anuj says correct and asks everyone to welcome Kumar da with a loud applause.

Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Entering and singing the song Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi is Kumar Sanu. Everyone is enthralled as they watch him. Anupama thanks him for singing this song, which is dear to her heart, after his performance. Sanu da’s performance is praised by everyone. Ankush claims that Anuj’s idea was to invite Sanu da. Anuj recounts how, after being pulled to a nearby Sanu da concert while he was inconsolable in Mumbai, he experienced such tranquilly that he considered asking Sanu da to Samar and Dimple’s wedding. Anupama’s favourite song, according to Sanu da, is the one he specifically requested to open the show with. Anupama grinning. Everybody keeps saying how much they adore his tunes. Anupama remembers their passionate exchanges. Which song will he perform next, Sonu queries.

Sanu da performs the song Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge. Other couples dance around him, including Anupama and Anuj. Maaya is envious of Anuj and Anupama while they dance. Ye Kaali Kaali Ankhen is sung by Sanu da. Anupama retreats as Maaya approaches Anuj. Gurumaa is aware of that. Anupama is told by Gurumaa that she can once again see their friendship blossoming, but it shouldn’t turn into a chain around her neck.

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