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Health Insurance: Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is a standard health insurance policy introduced by the IRDAI on 1st April 2020. Under this policy, the insured person can avail of policy coverage ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakhs. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance comes as an Individual Plan & Family Floater Plan which also covers the hospitalization expenses due to COVID-19.

Details of Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy are as follows

Health Insurance CompaniesReligare Health InsuranceMax Bupa Health InsuranceRaheja QBE Health Insurance
Policy NameArogya Sanjeevani Religare Health InsuranceArogya Sanjeevani Max Bupa Health InsuranceArogya Sanjeevani Raheja QBE Health Insurance
Plan TypeIndemnityIndemnityIndemnity
CoverageIndividual/Family FloaterIndividual/Family FloaterIndividual/Family Floater
Sum Insured (in Rs.)5 Lakhs1-5 Lakhs1-5 Lakhs
Premium6,013 annuallyMin. – 3,148 annuallyMax. – 4,722 annuallyMin. – 2,579 annuallyMax. – 3,764 annually
Cumulative Bonus5-50%5-50%5-50%
Eligibility CriteriaAdults: 18- 65 yearsChildren: 3 months- 25 yearsAdults: 18- 65 yearsChildren: 3 months- 25 yearsAdults: 18- 65 yearsChildren: 3 months- 25 years
FeaturesLifetime renewability, cashless treatment, free look period, and tax saving benefitsCashless hospitalization, lifetime policy renewal, tax saving benefits, and free look periodTax saving benefits, lifetime renewability, cashless treatment, and free look period,
Inclusions (up to a specified limit & as per the policy wordings)Cataract Treatment up to Rs 40000 or 25% of SI, Ayush Treatment, Hospitalization Expenses, ICU up to Rs 10,000 per day or 5% of the SI, Room rent up to 2% of SI or Rs 5000 per day, Ambulance Charges, -Modern Treatments, etc.In-patient care, ambulance cover, room rent, ICU charges, Ayush treatment, day care treatments, modern treatments such as oral chemotherapy, stem cell therapy, and the likewise.In-patient care, Ayush treatment, plastic surgery/dental treatment if required as a part of the treatment, day care expenses, road ambulance cover, cataract surgery, modern treatments, etc.
Policy Term1-year1-year1-year
Pre- hospitalization Expenses30 days30 days30 days
Post-hospitalization Expenses60 days60 days60 days
Co-pay5% on all the claims5% on all the claims5% on all the claims
Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period48 months48 months48 months
Specific Diseases Waiting Period24/48 months24/48 months24/48 months

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